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Home Theater

Imagine enjoying better performance and greater comfort than the finest commercial cinema ... right in your home. This is what Home Cinema is all about. Proper engineering is the key. If the room is not right, nothing else will be. This is our starting point. We insure that each cinema seat is in an optimum viewing position and receives excellent sound.

Precise dimensions, construction techniques, wiring, acoustical treatments, decorative architectural elements, lighting integration and, of course, the right audio/video equipment are all elements that must have careful consideration. Choosing the right design team is crucial to a project's success. Be assured that we have the engineering background and interior design expertise to achieve a highly successful result.

When a dedicated Home Cinema isn't possible, home entertainment technologies can be integrated into the Family Room or even the Master Bedroom for cinema performance that won't interfere with your decor. We can engineer the system that suits your lifestyle, whether you want a custom designed wall unit or a system that "disappears" at the touch of a button.

System designs can be quite complex, but to the owner it's as simple as the push of a button. Our goal is that each system operates precisely the way the client wants, with the highest level of performance, quality and simplicity. Of course, every system is completely customized. This is what sets us apart.