Advanced Home Technologies
of California

System Integration - Home Control - Home Theater - Lighting - Low Voltage - Surveillance - Security

home control & automation

Our House...has the ability to control its lighting, music, video, motorized shades and temperature throughout all rooms  from a single touch pane or from next to your bed. It can keep safe  with security settings, lighting and cameras accessible from any web .

Our house can be told what to do with the touch of a button from any room at any anytime.  It can queue up any  film in its collection and set the mood with a soft track and preset lighting controls.

Our home keeps us safe with cameras that can view any room in the home and surrounding areas. You can watch your kids play, monitor your baby sleeping  or check on who's knocking at the door all from one display screen. Even when not at home, all rooms can be displayed and controlled from any internet connection.

Our house can control almost anything that we can imagine, so what can we control at your house?